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I was really trying to be pragmatic and not follow fashion. Later I found out that it is quite fashionable for wedding cakes to be made similarly. I organised the cake boards and made the cakes the day before and spent a few back breaking hours standing while icing and applying the tiny cashous.

Because I needed to be able to serve cake to our 40 plus guests and not wishing to employ staff for the day, I decided that these cakes could be made inexpensively and served without the necessity to cut, plate and provide cutlery.

That day, the children were drawn like moths to a flame, each one would stare until, involuntarily their little hands would be stretched out and drawing closer and closer to the cakes needing to touch what they were seeing and could taste in their minds. The adults were just as mesmorised - and when my friend Virginia made two dozen of the most gorgeous cakes decorated as flowers, some spiders and faces they were just as popular with the adults as the children.


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