Cyclone Gabriella at it again.

This was a photograph I took not long after I posted about my morning routine and how close I was to pulling out my hair before getting us all out of the house on time.

The morning I took this photograph I think Elliot ended up 30 minutes late for school for the first time ever. I just could not get it together that morning and situations like Gabriella pulling things out of those drawers (which cannot be shut - we have tried) is something I simply cannot time manage.

I guess taking the photograph took a minute but I felt compelled to get this on record. I clearly recall the despair I felt as I sat on the sofa just opposite from the kitchen as with rising panic I put on my shoes quickly in an attempt to get out of the house. My head was down concentrating on my shoes, when my eyes rose this was the scene that confronted me. I just felt so overwhelmed - why can't I control the morning better why does it control me?

That day, once I realised I was going to be later than 9.00am I thought what the hell, I will just achieve everything I need to and then get going - hence a whole 30 minutes late.

That afternoon as I picked up Elliot I spoke to another mother about our daughters who are of a similar age and she asked me if Gabriella's busy fingers were bothering me. I replied that her busy fingers are driving me insane. I can't decide if I have simply forgotten about what 18 month old children were like (it was 4 years ago for Elliot) but Gabriella just moves seemlessly from one mess to another these days.

I am continually amazed at what I will consider giving to her for a few moments peace, knowing full well of the risks. Of course my trade-offs rarely pay-off in my favour, for example, a clip seal jar full of hundreds and thousands, a sealed tub of yoghurt, the open pantry, my handbag, my wallet. I know, some really stupid things when I write them now but at the time, it seem like a perfectly rational decision when compared with the hell I would have to pay if I did not let her and the screeching ....

Sometimes I have the resilience to deal with Gabriella's tantrums sometimes I don't. I have been watching Super Nanny and I do know that I am the one who must exert control and about 80% of the time I do, occassionally I am weak and I let her have her way but I am learning that the more I give in the more it costs me later.

On my brief holiday, I also decided I would have to get up earlier to reclaim some control over my mornings so I have started setting the alarm for 6am and getting up and having breakfast before the kids get up, so far so good so I thought until today as I arrived at school at 9am. Elliot is supposed to be in class by 8.50am and as I was hurrying Elliot out of the car I got a phone call from the school office checking he was still coming to school for his Under 8's week excursion - seems I still have a bit of work to do on my home time management!


At 9:03 am, Anonymous mrs_belvedere said...

Could I suggest that my NKITK (no kids in the kitchen) rule might well work for you depending on how well you can make it a no go zone (gates, doors etc.). I keep my busy fingered offspsring confined to one play room in the morning once they are dressed and fed where they are free to wreak havoc while I get ready for work. Good Luck!!!

At 11:20 am, Blogger Lushlife said...

Oh Mrs Belvedere - I wish I could put her out of the kitchen unfortunately the family room is attached where the television and her toys are located, the rest of the house is to close off being open plan. I think I would have to put her in her bedroom which currently I am using for detention for unacceptable behaviour - starting to throw tantrums screaming and throwing herself on the floor when I won't allow her a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast! Though it has given me cause to consider keeping her and Elliot in the back bedroom though for a half an hour or so when push comes to shove. Thank you.


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