Saturday nights all right for fighting and ironing.

Well the rest of Saturday was fairly quiet and luckily in order for me to recover from my Friday night P took Elliot and Gabriella to Elliot's soccer game that morning leaving me a few hours to get myself rested and together.

I took Gabriella for yet another injection (no 2 prevenar) poor petal, she is getting at least 6 more injections in her first year then Elliot got in his first year. I think our family Dr really hates to end an otherwise pleasant visit by inflicting pain and the visit concluding with some tears.

I spent the rest of Saturday dropping my house guests and my sister and her house guest at their wedding receptions or wedding meeting points and then grocery shopping. So from 1pm till late I was quite busy. Saturday night - and I decided at 10pm to deal with some ironing and putting away clean clothes and watching a DVD (The School of Rock - recommended!)because Sunday we were going out for the day and it was my only chance to get on top of some domestic duties before a busy working week began all over again.

If you think the last thing you want to do on a Saturday night is the ironing - I found out much to PT's surprise it isn't. The last thing you want to be doing on Saturday night is being asked by your house guest (who has no children) who has just returned from an evening out drinking and dancing with his wife .............."What are you doing ironing on Saturday night?"

PT got more than he bargained for when I answered because I turned into a rancid cow and said

" I am a working mother with 2 children its what I have to do. Would you prefer I sit around getting drunk on Saturday night. Stop criticising my life! I went out Friday night I am going out tomorrow - do you think I should just let the ironing pile up?"

He tried to apologise to me half way through the rant, but I wouldn't shut up. I guess I really felt he was being critical of the mundaness of my life, my life which I really quite enjoy and don't like to have to be defensive about. I guess while I accept that I like my life I don't like the mundane parts of it questioned like that and had to defend myself when he dared to question it after he had witnessed it in some of its tedious glory. He quite sensibly disappeared after that. But as I was tidying up I realised it wasn't fair to take out the fact that I really didn't want to be ironing on a Saturday night on him either.

Suffice to say we made up on Sunday morning. And PT who is a really really sweet good friend apologised and said - at least I felt comfortable enough to go off at him and you should be able to go off at a good friend occasionally and then get over it. I apologised and agreed that I obviously felt comfortable enough to speak to him as though I were going off at P! And we left it at that.


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