A day at the Bay.

The park doesn't taste as good as it looks. Posted by Hello My sister SugaLu and I went to Wynumn for some fish and chips on Wednesday (our public holiday for the Ekka). It was as we anticipated, quite busy but nevertheless we enjoyed being outdoors and SugaLu and Elliot kicked a soccer ball around while I tried to keep Gabriella from eating every piece of dried up flora she could get her chubby little fingers on. In honour of the Ekka, P, insisted she wear a little blue, white and red checked dress above.

It was a nice way to spend part of Wednesday and the only thing I thought negative about the day at all was the way the grass had become so brown. Everywhere is looking so dry these days and not just our big back yard, its a little depressing to see absolutely everywhere now. Plus it makes me worry about when it begins to rain my fear is that it will rain for weeks.


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