Elliot's Goals for 2005

Today when I picked my son up from my sister's place I found this list he had written after a discussion with his cousin. I have reproduced it verbatim:

Goals for
1. Get gatar lasins and cokeing Lasins
2. Trry to make tast for my dad and my mum
3. Trry to ran fast
4. Trry to be halfe
Trry to dow ten laps aroung my hase
5. Dout eat to mecdonols
1. Get Guitar lessons and cooking lessons
2.Try to make toast for my Dad and my Mum
3.Try to run fast
4.Try to be healthy
Try to do ten laps around my house
5.Don't eat too much McDonalds.
I think one of my goals for 2005 will definately be to assist Elliot with his spelling!


At 3:03 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

His spelling is not bad for a 6 year old - he's making some pretty educated guesses there, bless him! He's clearly having fun with writing and experimenting with its many uses... [takes off incredibly nerdy, future children's educator hat]

Your daughter is just too freaking cute for words!

Your family are from Malaysia, right? Hope everyone is ok.

At 4:52 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Although it is likely I have ancestors in Malaysia, there is no one I am immediately familiar with, nevertheless I feel immense sympathy for the entire region and anyone who has friends or family involved - it is a horrific tragedy.

Thanks for the encouragement on Elliot - I was going to post some of his many, many, many letters to Santa but I loved this list the best. Since school finished his experimenting with writing has increased.

Our Gabster (Elliot's nickname for her) is one of a kind - luckily she still lets me dress her up. I want to take her to Yum Cha in that chongsam but she is driving us nuts with her relentless activity. While shopping the other day I became "one of those parents" with an out of control child running down the aisles and hiding in the clothes.

At 1:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My six year old is not writing like that (except at school). He's only just started to read out signs he sees in the street, which I've know other kids of his age started doing a year or more ago. I know he's bright, it just seems that his interest lies elsewhere, for the time being... Go Elliot!


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