Must. Resist. Urge.To. Post. How. Visiting. Mother. Has. Driven. Me. Up. The. Wall. In. Less. Then. 8. Hours.

I really tried but can't resist. I do love my mother and all - but we are very different people particular when it comes to exceptionally high standards of domesticity and all things washed, starched, ironed and baby/toddler cleaning. Compared with many people I know I have some high standards which have derived from my mother, but they have been tempered by my having to work full-time with children and have a busy social life. Common sense tells me that sometimes "something's gotta give."

Example one - my one and only whinge during my mother's visit (hopefully!).

Gabriella was bathed(for the second time yesterday) at 4.30pm and put in her pyjamas. About 3 hours later I went to put her to bed. She did not go downstairs once during that 3 hour period and stayed indoors wandering around as she does and it is in fact a very clean environment given that I had spent the day vacuuming and washing floors in preparation for my mother's arrival.

As I put Gabriella to bed my mother asks

1. Am going to put Gabriella in clean pyjamas?
2. Am I going to wash her feet - because she always washed our feet before putting us to bed.

I resisted her admonitions and said no, as far as I was concerned Gabriella was plenty clean. My mother in a joking manner in Malaysian called my beautiful baby - "joruck" (phonetic) which is "dirty."

Way to go Mum lets give my daughter some of your obsessiveness about germs like you did to Elliot - lets go 2 for 2.

Finally in exasperation I said to my mother late last night when queried again about something I do differently to her,

"No Mum this is my life and its way too busy to live it with your standards otherwise I would be completely insane by now."

I bet when I get home every surface you could imagine will have a doily on it.


At 12:06 pm, Blogger OLS said...

Doesn't everyone's mum drive them nuts? I can honestly say that my mum is a good friend as well as being my mum and I generally like her as well as love her. She's the only person in my life that I can spend 2 hours on the phone with and not notice the time passing except for the sore ear at the end of it. But she still drives me nuts.

But she would know better than to criticise my child rearing I'm sure. I've given her a serve often enough about her criticism of my sister-in-law! ;o)



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