I had some highlights that I wanted to capture before they become a dim memory of yet another busy week followed by two jammed pack days of childrens' activities and adults activities and just being well, very generally full of stuff like Elliot's soccer, and cooking and shopping.

Friday afternoon enjoying lunch at a Bistro at Dockside on a banquette surround by big fresh yellow cushions, eating some gorgeous duck with a glass of crisp white. The company, a group of women I have known for 2 decades celebrating 4 decades of one woman's birth years. It was special and I felt special being invited.

Saturday evening - with P, a night at a play, "Vincent in Brixton" by the Queensland Theatre Company. A late night supper at my favourite South Bank restaurant chatting and staring out into the luscious darkened park occasionally sharing my Duck pie, mash and asparagus (couldn't resist the duck again!) a glass of pinot and trying some of P's Thai spaghetti with poached salmon, lots of mint, lemon grass and kaffir lime flavours.

Sunday morning a wonderful sleep-in without the children till 9.30am then I had to wake up and make our oh so indulgent breakfast, toasted soy and linseed english muffins with avocado, baby spinach, smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise. It's been a long, long time since we have had so luxurious a morning.

Then I had to hustle and bustle to take Elliot to Bunnings to make a mini herb garden. Then more tooing and frooing with the children over to Nanny and Poppy's for the first birthday of the youngest cousin, then back from that and off to the fete close by.

Later on, I made time to make a comforting Sunday evening dinner of slow roasted lamb shanks and cannellini beans(I will post the recipe and picture on NJD later this week) mashed dutch cream potatoes, and sauteed zucchini,garlic and lemon! A lovely bottle of red again. Hmmm winter.

Off to bed, I am being reprimanded for starting to type just as I said I was also going to bed.


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