Open House New Years Day 06 C&J's place

My friend's C&J had an open house New Years Day soiree, they invited us by text to drop by after 2.30pm, and tempted us with a sausage sizzle and cold lasagne. There were other goodies there too. C & J are the last of my DINK friends (though with two cats) and they are making the most of they lifestyle choice at this time by doing as much renovating as they can, afford.

They bought a cute inner city cottage about 18 months ago and have turned it into a cool haven. It is painted in muted browns, greys and whites, with natural accents here and there I love their caramel floors which you can see in the collage. They have an eye for great lines as evidenced by their choice of chairs.

I think apart from catching up with their diverse collection of friends they wanted to show off their new front yard (and justifiably so) it is a fabulous reworking of their small front yard space into a groovy little private terrace where we could chill out and have a drink while enjoying their tasty morsels. They did all the work themselves, if P and I had a fraction of their motivation....though it should not be forgotten that we did paint the hallway this weekend!


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