The Cake

I have finally put some time aside for me to write down something about my life since last Saturday. Because I have started my new job and I am very busy ( I actually got to work at 7am this morning!)I am going to try and do a few very short posts from now on instead of one big one.

The picture I have posted is the product of my efforts on Saturday when I spent the day decorating the cake (which I made on Friday night) for my sister in laws birthday celebration to be held that night. The cake itself is from a recipe for a amazing orange cake - and a huge orange cake it is. It required 500 grams of butter, 500 grams of sugar and 500 grams of flour. Knowing that given the time I had on Saturday, in between watching Elliot's last soccer match, shopping for a birthday present and looking after Gabriella my time for decorating would have to be spent wisely. I decided that the sheets of alternate white and milk chocolate was my best bet as it was the least likely to go wrong and would look the most spectacular and you can never go past lots of strawberries for a striking presentation. All of this was placed on top of the loveliest white chocolate ganache. Suffice to say by the time the cake was ready for eating I couldn't bear the thought of it but luckily it was a huge hit with the rest of the family.


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