Thank God Its Friday

Well I have to really wonder about that. For my day at home with Gabi, Fridays can be incredibly hectic. Shopping with Elliot (home from school out of guilt that I had sent him when he really hadn't recovered), Gabi I am trying to find a present for Mamasan and Papasan, some new napery for the table and grocery shopping for dinner tonight and then take Elliot for a hair cut and come home and start the dinner.

Elliot was wonderfully patient while I went to Lincraft, David Jones, Bed Bath and Table and Bay Swiss and at least two other home stores to pour over their stock of place mats, napkins and table cloths. David Jones is the winner - 8 beautiful red and gold placemats and 8 calico napkins for $60.

We had P's brother Rod's inlaws over for dinner. Mamasan and Papasan a lovely Japanese couple who speak little to no English, which is a perfect match for us who speak little or no Japanese. All up there were 9 Adults and 4 children ( of which two are babes). Mamasan and Papasan return to Japan tomorrow after one month here with Rod and Takako, Louis (their 2 year old) and Kai (their 6 week old).

Our house smells like the an Indian restaurant this morning. Last night as I stepped out of the shower and took off my shower cap - I could smell all the indian spices in my hair. Not the fragrance I was after having had a well deserved hot shower. Although it was nearly midnight and I had just dried myself and it was about 12 degrees in the bathroom I decided I had to wash my hair I just couldn't bear the cooking odours on my pillow.

The dinner - 3 curries, a butter chicken, a lamb korma, a southern indian vegetable and breads and accompaniments. The curries were made with some gorgeous spices I purchased from Brisbane's Farmers markets. Given that P and I had worked in an Indian restaurant in Vancouver " A Taste of India" for 12 months we are particular with our "curry cheating". Long has passed our desire to purchase the myriad of spices and lovingly roast, grind and blend them into the perfect home made by non indian persons curry. We have tried them all and eschew everything for these curry spice blends by " Mudgeerba Spices and Curry Blends"
Once I got over paying $35 for two jars I was hooked. The jars are jam packed with spices and I am sure as many as a dozen or more curries await our dining pleasure in each jar.

On to dessert. For dessert - strawberry shortcake , though with my twist, melted chocolate just turned through the chantilly cream and topped with roasted hazelnuts.

Guests arrived at 7pm and I began cooking dinner at 4pm. To put it mildly it was all hands on deck and panic stations by the time P got home at 5pm. I also had to make the shortcakes and only got it right the second time around. Luckily I tried a crumb from my first batch - too much baking soda! I have found from experience there is nothing that can disguise the taste of too much baking soda. If you have ever tried something with too much baking soda you would know that it is a strangely chemical taint which makes me wince to think of serving it to my guests laden with the chantilly cream, macerated strawberries and chocolate. I am so sure they wouldn't couldn't have been polite it would have been horrid.

Don't panic, don't panic - No I don't have any icecream to back me up, indeed I have nothing in my freezer or fridge to back me up. I have too bake all over again. This time without the addition of the roasted hazelnuts to the pastry and without plain flour and baking soda. To make it foolproof I just use self raising flour. I start a new batch - they are the simplest biscuits I have ever made with the help of my trusty food processor ( I would love to say it was a "Magimix" but alas its a "Sunbeam" buts it a pretty damn good one" and I pride myself on my self restraint in purchasing the trusty and reliable Sunbeam as opposed to the glamour of the Magimix)

Anyway all the happy punters are gone by 10pm and P, Tania (P's sister) and I are left with a huge mess despite the dishwasher. We soldier on till my kitchen is back to normal. Now on to Saturday's dinner another panic it will be full on gourmet - we have decided on the appetizer, the entree and the main and I am yet to find a recipe for pineapple souffles, so I better get moving P and Elliot are back from Soccer and I will be in trouble for wasting time.


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