New Day

Yesterday went pretty well with Elliot we all tried and that helped. P was a little hard on him for not minding Gabriella when P was in the bathroom - she came and sat outside my bedroom and cried and P was trying his best to give me a sleep in.

I didn't think it was a big deal in the scheme of things its the anger I think we need to watch. Between P and I Gabriella often gets away if we are distracted and before you know it she will be in another room of the house - ripping up a box of tissues or eating the dirt from my newly potted herbs!

His cousin came over to play in the afternoon and they both got along as well.

I just thought I would clarify that if I was going to see a child behaviouralist or psychologist it would be for P and me not neccessarily for Elliot. I think we don't know, not having done this before, where his emotions are coming from and I think a professional could help us understand how to deal with the situations as they arise. We feel that we are just muddling through and wonder if we are not going to make the situation worse than it has to be. I am going to ask one of my "experts" today my friend and boss F she has 3 boys - so would have seen and read quite a bit about bringing up boys.


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