Thai beef salad Tuesday

Inspired by some left over eye fillet from Saturday nights barbecue we decided that I would make a Thai beef salad, or at least my version of it for dinner last night. I thinly sliced the eye fillet and marinated it in some low salt soy, sesame oil, lime juice, oil, fish sauce and grated fresh ginger for an hour or so.

Then I prepared some beans and asparagus in the microwave and let them cool. On a long platter I spread some mesclin salad leaves and mixed in some finely chopped coriander and red onion. Interspersed throughout I added thin slices of cucumber with some green skin left on the pieces. I then added the asparagus and beans. Finally I placed the beef throughout the salad.

I thought about having some vermicelli glass noodles on the side but alas my cupboard was bare. (Vermicelli noodles, prawns, sauteed marinated tofu and coriander on a bed of lettuce is another of my favourite summer salads)

I made a dressing very similar to the marinade but added some fresh chopped chillies. Voila a beef salad with Thai flavours – I think next time I will add a touch of red curry paste to the dressing to reinforce the thai inspiration. Damn I forgot to take a photo and I have a new digital camera - hopefully this will prompt me for next time.


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