I think I have mentioned my sister SugaLu in passing quite a few times now. She moved to Brisbane about 8 weeks ago and has fast made herself indispensible to my overly busy life. She is as P calls her Wife No.2. much like our friend PT was husband No.2. A welcome third wheel in our busy little lives someone extra to pick up our slack or just help pick up. As well she cooks for me, cleans my house and car when we need it, helps mind the children - makes great cocktails I don't know what on earth did I do before she came along. Plus she is great company.

SugaLu - picked up Gabriella and Elliot this afternoon and she does the drop off and pick up again for me tomorrow afternoon. How can she find the time to be so darned handy - well she is pursuing a musical career and doesn't want to work full-time and is finding time to do some volunteer work with a musical organisation do some courses and enter competitions as she did last night.

Elliot keeps saying to her - why isn't she on Australian Idol - well there is an age limit and she is from a more "mature" background so that rules her out, although she could definitely pass for around 30 or so.

She is currently competing in Fretfest which is an acoustic Find of the Year competition (Pete Murray was discovered at this competition) and was one of 18 competing last night. We used to love him till he got played on Neighbours which translates to us as plain popular and not the little gem we thought only we knew about.

P and I didn't go to see SugaLu - slack I know but a Sunday night 18 competitors 2 songs each plus the kids and her son M to mind - someone had to stay home and hold the fort.

Her friends did travel though to support her and gave her some good feedback seems she was the only one doing remotely upbeat songs everyone else was to quote her friends "relentlessly slit your wrist types."

She does one song which I think could be taken off quite well on Kath and Kim (I so enjoyed their return last week) it has a chorus "You make me feel unreal" I mentioned their version would be "You moike me feel unreyeel" Her other song is about Reality T.V. quite a witty one.

I hope the judges have a huge say in who goes through as she doesn't as yet have a following in Brisbane. If she gets through I hope I will go and support her.


At 6:51 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

News flash my sister has moved into the next round.


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