A milestone - the first tooth is gone Posted by Hello
Elliot lost his first tooth at school the other day. By lost I mean it literally he does not know where it fell out of his mouth.

There was no drama thank goodness he just came home and told me it was gone and he didn't know where. We have had more dramas trying to get him to remove a bandaid.

I suggested that he should write a letter to the tooth fairly letting her know where she might find the tooth. That night he was exhausted and I couldn't encourage him to write the letter so I ended up writing it for him. Unfortunately I then forgot to put it beside his bed so the tooth fairy didn't know to visit. The next morning he was quite upset as was I - my first time on tooth fairy duty and I blew it.

The next night I went to bed early and reminded P about the tooth fairy. The morning after that Elliot awoke and was quite happy to find $4.00. I said to Elliot he was lucky that his father's tooth fairy turned up because the tooth fairy I was in contact with would have only left him $2.00 given there were quite a few more teeth that have to come out eventually.

By the way a question (one of the many) from Elliot I didn't know how to answer:

"What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?"


At 1:40 pm, Blogger OLS said...

One of my parent's friends told me that they were given to the new babies so they'd have teeth when they started having to chew their food.

Baby-tooth reincarnation.


At 3:29 pm, Blogger Susoz said...

and another coincidence - my son has his first loose tooth. It hasn't fallen out yet though.


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