Sunday= Marathon Italian lunch

Lunch with my sister and brother in law and 4 other guests.
A fantastic, fabulous, spectacular Italian themed lunch.

Start 12.00noon Finish 6.30pm.

8 courses

Champagne with red grapefruit juice
1.Tuna wrapped with roasted capsicum.
Basil leaves filled with capers and anchovies.
Cherry tomatoes filled with pesto

Several Italian whites.
2.Duck terrine, caramelised red onion, garlic crouton
3. BBQ proscuitto wrapped asparagus

Several Italian reds.
4. Prawn, fennel and chilli risotto
5. Grilled quail , parmesan and rocket salad
6. Porchetta and beans
7. Cheese - washrind, very stinky sheep milks and blue
8. Torta della nonna and cream.


Nothing more to add really big food day, no kids, and the only unfortunate thing about the entire day was I drove and consequently didn't get to indulge in many of the wines.

Nevertheless the food was divine and offered in such good servings we didn't even feel remotely full by the 6th course.

In two words: "A privelege"


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