I am not feeling much like celebrating tonight. Even before we heard the news from our neighbours it was always going to be a subdued evening. We plan to go up to the Sunshine Coast early tomorrow and have a dinner with my family.

P is already in bed while I wait for a lemon and passionfruit tart to finish baking. I made a big mistake with the dough for the tart which I have decided to wear. I used self-raising flour instead of plain flour for the sweet shortcrust pastry. I hope it will taste good anyway. I just don't have the time nor the energy to make the pastry all over again. It will have to be a lemon and passionfruit shortcake/tart.

While I don't feel like whooping it up tonight. I will count my blessings for I am grateful for my beautiful family who have shared the past year with me and I hope to share with them many more.

My very best wishes for 2005 to my readers and their loved ones too.


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