Damn! I made it.

I had hoped to post a picture of some endless blue sky for Kitschenette, alas, for Brisbane, rain is forecast for all of this week. Though I am not complaining it was very balmy last weekend, in fact Sunday was down right uncomfortable unless I lay prostrate on my deck and read the papers all day and caught the breeze.

I noticed we were getting a large brown dry spot on the lawn so we definately needed the rain that fell on Monday afternoon and we were starting to talk again at work about when we could recall last having some good rain. The appearance of the rain made it decidedly pleasant when going for my early morning walk today.


At 8:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, thanks a lot lushlife!!! blue sky or no, it is great to see pictures of home. i particularly loved the one of the footpath overhung with trees. more, more!



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