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I decided to change my 10 things about me again. With this next 10 I am trying hard not to duplicate anything I have revealed before about myself in the profile and isn't obvious from any of my previous posts. Not that great for any new readers I know but I have my reasons.

I decided it was time to reveal ten more things because of an opinion I once formed after a discussion with a work colleague I much admired. He expressed a view that I now embrace and it concerned a person I had just met during a course that he was also acquainted with.

I told him that I felt that the mutual acquaintance had told me waaaaaay too much about herself within the first 15 minutes of our conversation and I felt both uncomfortable and disturbed by the revelations. I recognised my own negative reaction straight away by reading my body language at the time. While she spewed all of her personal details at me, I was doing the whole side-glancing, head turned over my left shoulder to be polite while being spoken at, while my body was involuntarily turning in the other direction.

He had the same view and said that when meeting new people it should be like peeling an onion, it should involve layers. I agree, lots of details doesn't always bother me it depends on the context and on the details themselves, i.e. whether they reveal neediness or are just plain interesting.

I know most bloggers will publish 100 things straight up. I don't have a problem with that because I admire that they can assemble such a list. I had trouble collating the current 10 that I just whipped together. I don't know maybe my onion code doesn't translate to a blogger's modus operandi? Anyway I have decided to err on the side of caution and compile my list slowly and reveal me onion style.


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