Happy Days.

We are currently enjoying a honeymoon period with Elliot. Since returning home he has been very thoughtful, kind and sharing to his sister and a generally very good company most of the time in fact I cannot remember being annoyed at his behaviour once.

In terms of his thoughtfulness, when I asked for volunteers to set the table for dinner, I expected his older cousin to help. Elliot though, quickly stepped up to the task instead. He has not had a single qualm when Gabriella has followed him puppy dog like (and when I think about it even with drool) and had to share some of his yoghurt, fruitsicles with her.

Another thoughtful suggestion by Elliot last Friday afternoon: "Mum, would you like to come out on the deck and listen to some beautiful songs" "Of course "I said and sat with Gabriella on our lounges. Elliot then proceeded with much amusing facial contortion and strumming of his guitar wiht his only chord, "A", to sing us three of his original creations.

The first song was called "Eighties and the old people" and that more or less was the chorus and lyric for that song. Elliot said that he made that song because, "You know Mum the Eighties was a long time ago" "Yes, I know when the Eighties were Elliot" I wryly reply.

The next song was "Brisbane your a beautiful country" with a few mentions of Sydney as well. The final song was called "Babies" and Gabriella was mentioned once or twice. When asked, I replied that my personal favourite was naturally, "Eighties and the old people." Of course today I have been unable to get that chorus/lyric out of my head ALL day.

With Elliot's return to school today we have discussed new routines that need to be adhered to around bedtime and when waking and getting ready. The other night at dinner he surprised us by mentioning a change he would like to see initiated, "Mum" he said, "instead of getting angry at me when you get mad, could you give me a smack on the bottom instead". I was quite taken back and really lost for words when he suggested that one, I think I said something like do you think when I get angry that I should hit you and then won't you think that it will be okay to hit other people you get angry at. P asked Elliot if he preferred a physical response to a mental one and Elliot replied that he did.

It made me realise that maybe I do lose my temper too much with him and that I should really try not to let things escalate so that I don't get so angry in the future. Hopefully the new more sleep me will deal with the things that two young children and a full-time job can throw at me, better. But I have decided that I will have to heed the words of Kitschenette and actually start dealing with my hot temper too.


At 6:11 pm, Blogger OLS said...

You should tape Elliot's musical creations. I used to write/sing prolifically when I was young but lost my ability once I got to high school (I still think it was drummed out of me) - I sometimes wish that my parents had recorded my early stuff, even if it was terrible, just so that I had a record of it.


At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that suggestion OLS - I am definately going to get some movie of him. I don't have video camera but my digital takes movie and I am finding that more than adequate for a 3 minute clip. I was playing some back today and they are short enough that you don't get bored watching them.

At 9:21 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Oh my god. In the eyes of your son, I am an old person. Why does this scare me so?

Also - I totally agree re. taping his stuff. It will make brilliant material for his 21st birthday! I'm still living down the footage and tapes that were played at mine. I wish I hadn't worn so many hawaiian skirts when I was four.

At 10:28 am, Blogger Lushlife said...

Hey Jelly, normally I would say it's not your fault about the grass skirt given the mandatory dress-up I put my girl through this Christmas but maybe at four I think children do make some concious choices.


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