He's baaaack

Elliot ten months old 1999.

I decided to post this old photograph as a welcome home to my baby, of course he is 6 years old, but he will ALWAYS be my baby. He came home yesterday afternoon. When he arrived he raced up the stairs and I met him in the hallway where he gave me an enormous hug. He was so excited he was leaping for joy to be home. I know he enjoyed his time away but I guess it was the first time away for a prolonged period when he could do so remembering, who and what he had been missing at home.

I went through some very old photographs I have of Elliot as a baby, it was pre-digital. Luckily P had scanned quite a few of our older photographs into the computer. My sister and I took a series of photographs of Elliot when he was ten months old. I wanted to photograph him naked and before he started walking. I thought it would capture him as the essence of a baby on the verge of toddlerdom. There are so many good photographs that we have from that day. I wanted to do the same for Gabriella, but I was far too busy. Though I am just as happy with her Christening photographs and the family photographs taken in New Farm Park.

It's good to be a whole family again, the alternate reality wasn't so bad but it was too quiet really. Elliot livens us all up keeps us on our toes mentally and physically. The sleeping through for all of us is going well still. I have declared that I am a NEW woman. As much as I enjoyed breast feeding Gabriella I like the more positive outlook I have now since I no longer have interrupted sleep. Gabriella and I actually communicate differently I talk and sing to her more, while she fed I found that there was no need for words it was a silent bond, sometimes with giggles from her.

I think I now have the energy for a LIFE for me and I am more than just a woman who is a mother, and who works.

I have decided I am actually going to read the instructions on our new digital camera to figure out all the modes and have a more informed attempt at taking photographs. I really like carrying my camera with me when I go for a walk now. This means my interests could be more than writing and cooking it may include taking photographs. I am really happy with how discovering blogging has expanded my interests. There is one more interest but I need to buy a book or do a course so I will see how that goes before I write about it.

P.S The photograph above is one of P and his twin brother when they were two? three? (he says) I guess under 3. He and his brother had white hair when younger. P's hair colour is actually black. I think it is this lighter influence in my children's hair which gives them almost brown/golden locks.


At 12:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you, I found it difficult to stop breastfeeding. It was quite wrenching. But as time went on, I found so much to rejoice in. Hormonal changes, more sleep, less physically tied to the baby, I was able to give more of myself. More smiling, more singing, more laughing. And so much more energy for myself and my husband as well as the children.

As well as being incredibly beautiful and rewarding, pregnancy and breastfeeding are hard work.

My girls have been with their grandparents for the last four days. It's so strange having only one child in my life. Certainly more relaxing and more intimate, but I do miss the chaos. I can't imagine being without them for 2 weeks!



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