Damn work

interfering with my otherwise happy life again. I am, with much reluctance acting as THE BOSS this week. To make matters worse the heirarchy don't acknowledge I am acting as the boss and have requested another team member to respond to an urgent task.

I don't disagree with their doing that because the other team member began this project, working with the masters upstairs, and eventually had to relinquish his role to my friend when she was appointed as the boss. If I were in charge upstairs I know who I would ring down and ask for and it wouldn't be ME!

I feel quite uncomfortable being the nominal head of the project this week and want to tell my other team mate I prefer he take on this role formally, he may as well get the extra money if he is going to be treated like the boss. Next time I am asked to do this job I am going to refuse - I don't like being in this position. Particularly when I left at 4.30pm today and left two team members to finish off the urgent task, because I am not expected to do it and I am the so-called Boss!

We are also finishing off a phase of our project, I call the hostile phase we were venture into enemy territory to take a few blows and just smile and say thanks in return. It is extremely draining but at least it is over, for now.

My friend who is my boss is off trekking in Tasmania and asked me to fill in for her. I really didn't want to, but as usual you feel bad for refusing the 'honour' of being the boss. I really don't give a rats, about being the boss, I have a child under two, if I want to see her grow up I need a job that requires less obligation expected of me. I am also not working from home on Fridays for a while in this next phase of our project. For some reason my work colleages thought my being away from my family for the entire five days gives me a free license to stay after work for drinks! My free time is even more limited, because when I am not working I have to relieve my babysitters from burnout and attempt to satisfy my own issues of 'mother guilt' to see my baby for more than 4 hours in one day five days a week.

Sorry about the boring rant.


At 12:40 am, Blogger Jellyfish said...

Your dilemma is so familiar Lushlife. And so sad that the situation re. work/family remains almost unchanged from how it was in my mother's day. Of course, you know where I stand on this stuff, and of course *I* think your priorities are exactly where they should be! But I would imagine in your area of work, not everyone would feel the same way - work drinks, indeed!

At 11:32 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

You know Jelly it's men mostly who can stay and have a drink without rushing home to their children (I am not suggesting that applies to all men) but I do know of one man in particular who makes sure he stays till after the bathing and feeding part of the evening occurs and then fronts up. If Gabriella were about 7 or 8 I would be happy to stay for a drink now and then - its just they are so young I want to be home and I know they want me home too.


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