I have posted something, I was starting to think I may never post again. i just needed to get one run on the board so I could break the non-writing spell I seem to be under.

I really don't know why I haven't been writing, perhaps I am no longer addicted. I also really find it hard to analyse why I haven't been posted, its not like I am too busy. I think my life is just cruising at the moment which means I have no peaks or valleys so maybe I don't need to express myself about such even times.

I did try to write a post on Friday night and it was incredibly boring, I tried to talk about some of the challenging things I have been working on without talking about the detail so it ended up as a discussion of nothing really. So I have kept it as draft and will delete at a later time.

My final excuse is that 8 days before the end of this month we are reduced from broadband to dial-up speed so posting becomes a slow and boring process.


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