Elliot's Acrostic Poem

When I picked Elliot up from his grandmother's this afternoon he announced that he is going to become a writer. Boy, was I happy, "That's why I called you 'Elliot'" I told him.

He has started a book and P will be assisting with the illustration. The title is "Max's first game"

In the meantime he wrote this accrosstick (sic) poem. His grandmother while quite well read had suprisingly not heard of this type of poem and this is how she thought the word was spelled.

Policeman lock up bad gis.
Oll of the policeman woke (work) togethor.
Loyers (lawyers) work for policemans.
I like when the badies get into gail.
Coll the police when your in trobol.
Even when someone is hort they help.

Elliot needs to help them qwig (quick), qwig Elliot needs to win and he doze.

I am not sure why he wrote the second sentence but it was on the page so I thought I would add it.

Elliot appears to be a very typical first child, in that he is very conscious of authority and holds policemen in high regard. His two ambitions"

1. To play cricket for Australia; and
2. To be a policeman.

We have spoken about the other children at school in his class and I have found out which ones are more likely to get in trouble and sent to the Principal's office. He is adamant that he would never get sent there for bad behaviour. It seems that he and his friend are regularly separated from sitting together by the most misbehaved boys in the class. I think it is a little unfair that he has to have his seating affected because of another child's behaviour. I am not worried that the naughty child's behaviour will influence him because Elliot has said that he sees nothing desirable in the attention that the naughtier boys attract - thank goodness.

I am hoping that Elliot's attitude will stay much the same the whole way through his years of schooling. I guess so long as there are no major upsets i.e. emotional family life upheaval then he should stay on track - I think......


At 11:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son's first 'when I grow up I want to be" statement was about becoming a policeman. He was three. He hasn't mentioned it since. (He says he's going to be an architect and a dance instructor.)


At 2:06 am, Anonymous Katie said...

I'm a well-behaved first child who was often placed between distrubtive children in class. In hindsight, it bothers me for two reasons:

1. Being the person you sat next to when being punished for disruptive behaviour did wonders for my social standing in the class.

2. It's not really fair that I should be punished (I'm no longer sitting next to my friends either) for the behaviour of other children in the class.

I understand why teachers employ this tactic, but I think it's incredibly unfair to the well-behaved students (and easy avoided by just doing a complete seating re-shuffle where everyone is no longer sitting by their friends).

At 10:57 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

Hi Katie thanks for dropping by, and I like your suggestion about the shuffling everyone I will suggest that next time a teacher tells me that they are affecting my son's seating arrangements.


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