Easter weekend activity

We have had a weekend which involved a lot of pottering about.

On Friday we had some friends over and with these friends, we usually take turns in buying take-out curry to have after a hard days work. However, given it was Good Friday and we didn't have to work so we got to make some curries, namely, Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Korma and Butter Chicken and a not so successful Tarte Tartin (apples too well cooked).

Our eating meat for dinner on Good Friday is no surprise. What was a surprise, is that our friends told us during the day they had set out on a mission to find two things,to buy on Good Friday, meat and alcohol for an impromtu barbecue - "Mission Impossible"!
I have spent a good portion of my weekend trying how to figure out how to post a picture so that it is within my posts rather than posting a photograph from Blogger. Many can do it, but I am afraid that I am pretty slow when it comes to matters technical, but I am determined. My first attempt was to post a picture of a portion of myself to my profile it only took me about 48 hours.

While it was a success, I couldn't stand to see myself eyeballing me everytime I opened the page it was quite disconcerting, as I am sure it was for anyone who stumbled across my blog at that stage as is evidenced here and is the very last time I will be posting this again I promise!:
Anyway I have decided to keep with a more picturesque and calming theme of Monet and will periodically update with a new Monet (see right *ahh...much better!*)

I was having problems though still trying to post an image within a post, I have finally worked it out and you know where I found the help, not within the technical help sections of Blogger and Flickr but in the forums of Fickr. A person like me who was being driven insane by the directions on Blogger which sent you to Flickr to open an account and then left you there. I am glad to find that once again when I am having an issue, its NOT JUST ME!

So this has been my test post and I thank anyone who has had to bear with me as I try and sort it out tonight and publish and republish and edit and have posted as many images within the one post as possible.

Seeing as I think a lot of people have something better to do on a Sunday night then check in here I think I am relatively safe. Though I may as well fill in the details of the rest of my weekend to date while I am here.

Elliot and I spent a lot of time playing battleships. He declares I am a mind- reader though I have passed that crown to P when he sunk one of my ships in his first go this morning. We are also trying to teach Elliot what a "hollow victory" is, that is, it's not worth winning if you have taken a peek to see where your opponents ships were located during the game and you go on to end up winning.

Elliot and I baked cookies, and I tried quite unsuccessfully to limit both his and Gabriella's chocolate intake.
I am happy to say I finally got Gabriella to wear the bunny ears so my $2.50 investment was well worth it:
and for the first time ever after noticing that she was being quiet and away in another room, I discovered her not being naughty (like climbing onto the dining table to eat the eggs with the foil still on them), but actually doing this:
This afternoon we went to P's brother R for dinner and I managed to get Gabriella to wear this hat, she agreed to wearing my beads and standing in one place for the photograph,
And finally this is what happens if you tell your husband that we need to buy a new kettle, because the old one has been shorting out a fuse every time it automatically cuts out upon reaching it's boiling point and he decides to find it on Ebay
Yes, it is a Sunbeam King Kettle an electric barbecue which I am told " Is just perfect for the deck" and saves him going downstairs to crank up our bigger barbecue. We will see how it goes tomorrow when we roast a chicken in it.

Monday - I am trying to get P and the kids over to the bowls club for I have a hankering for a couple of ends and a G&T.

P.S I updated my links and have added two ladies one of whom I have been reading for some time, Sarni of Infernality a Melbourne law student who is on the brink of launching herself into the legal fray, and a new discovery, Katie of What Katie Did an Australian student living in Boston who is able to indulge in all manner of cultural activities being close to New York as well.

I was also saddened to discover, I am no longer able to link through to the excellent photographic world of Carolinkus once at Beelzebublog. I hope your happy with where ever your at Link. But if you change your mind and return please let me know.


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