Women in Voice XIV

Let's try again. Blogger is being a complete bastard lately, if I wasn't already slack enough it isn't exactly encouraging to find that my last post was so @#@#@# up that I had to delete it out of existence, then my post after that refused to be posted and it too has vanished though without any help from me.

So, back to Women in Voice now I have to find all the @#*@*@# links again too, I am so tempted to swear on this post, and break one of my self-imposed rules!

(Oops, just re-read this and realised I have broken my non-swearing rules that is, if "bastard" is still counted as a swear word. Which reminds me of how at the moment Elliot is at that stage where he will hear a swear word and say all shocked and wide-eyed "Mummy, he said a bad swear word" Wanting to know what it is I have been encouraging him to tell me what he has heard and expecting the worst, I have so far been pleasantly surprised when he whispers behind his hand "he said; "bloody hell!"

I don't have anything against swearing let me tell you I am certainly no saint and if anyone wants to swear on their blog that's their perogative and I make no judgement unless of course they are good at making up new swear words and that I marvel at!. Anyway this no swearing rule on my posts thing is just that one of MY boundaries for MY blog.

Indeed in my latest discussions with Elliot about swearing I have began talking about when swearing might be appropriate, one of the examples I gave is if he were hurt during sport and he couldn't help swearing because he was in great pain and shock I would overlook it. I also gave him an example of when it would probably be inappropriate to swear, like nearly all the time, such as when in the company of his gentle and sweet Great Grandmother unless of course he was seriously injured and in the company of his Great-Grandmother I think I am being a bit too lawyerish about this but I can't help myself ;)

Back to WIV, I went and saw their show last night - it was brilliant and I am a WIV veteran having gone to the show for the last 5 years in a row. The show itself is a vocal showcase for women singers, every year the line-up is different thought some singers appear year after year or some miss a year here or there and return.

I attend each year with the women in my family, which doesn't mean it's a women only event, there were plenty of men there last night and one in particular with a huge head sat directly in front of me the huge lump of a man that he was. I spent the entire show with my head virtually on my sister-in-law's shoulder, in fact I am not surprised my neck isn't more sore from all the twisting I had to do.

We were examining the demographic of the audience and there was a representative from every group, pre-teens, teens, couples, older guests, in fact P's grandmother has been going for the past few years and she is 90! Unfortunately P's grandmother missed it this year as physically it is much harder on her to go out in the evening.

Last night's show was one of the most enjoyable in many years. I lost entirely that routine feeling I was starting to get after attending the show year after year. I agree with this review except for the comments about Jenny Morris, I think that her doing the hits that have made her career entirely appropriate and she didn't have to do them any other way than the way she has always done them, I mean it's not like she is on American or Australian Idol and she is trying to "own the song" or "put her own stamp on it"they are *bloody well her songs anyway!

(*another technical swear word makes it into my post)

For the first time, WIV is going to Sydney from 30 March for 16 performances so I strongly encourage anyone there to make the time to catch the show and I promise you won't be disappointed. I am so proud that I am able to recommend WIV as having become a newish regular over the years I feel I am part of it's rich history.

If only I were in Sydney I would try and round up a few of my favourite women bloggers to go!


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