Dorothy, Dorothy, won't you come and dance with me, cha, cha, cha

What am doing here tonight, resuming a post after my self-imposed break from the internet? Well it's 3.30am and what else do you do after a bit of a surf and catch-up on the net while your daughter is dancing away the wee hours of the morning with Dorothy the Dinosaur. Although I must admit if she is not a bona fide, singing, all-dancing, romp-pomp-a- stomping, full-on Wiggles fanatic by the time I take her to the Wiggles concert in December then I want my money back!

I think the live concert experience for a two-year old is a particularly strange concept, I mean not so long ago she was searching behind the television for the people who apparently spent their day inside the box diligently performing over and over again for her entertainment. So what will Gabriella get from the whole live performance, the press of the crowd, the toddler mosh pit, the smell of the sweat of the live and much older Wiggle than the one she is currently watching on the up to ten year old videos - I hope she finds it simply thrilling.

I took Elliot to one concert only a Play School one - it was a disaster he was petrified and clung to my leg like a barnacle so I thought spending $50 to $60 on Hi-Five or the Wiggles in order to scare the living s*it out of your son just isn't the done thing. Gabriella though may be a differen story an altogether much more confident babe - witness the mega shopping mall experience - once out of her pram she is gone with the wind, crowds just don't appear to phase her.

Now why am I up tonight? Simple answer, it's my turn, P did the 2.30am to 4.30am shift last night so I guess it is only fair.I really don't know what else you do, when your 20month old just wakes up in the middle of the night and is "ping" bright as a light bulb and appears to be completely healthy, so no medicinal resources can be used to produce a drug induced slumber - dammit! To be fair the last two nights she wasn't so well, a bit of a cold but no temperatures, maybe an upset tummy but nothing you need to rush to the hospital about, unsettling yes and perhaps this is why I find myself here tonight.

I was going to try the no stimulation but she is so bright and having her climb all over us in bed to get out of the room or screaming in her cot just doesn't seem to be a sane solution, so we have decided to take the insane path instead taking it in turns to burn the midnight oil. I wonder how long this will last????

If I don't post again on Sunday then we are back to normal.

P.S My self -imposed break is my method of getting me reinvigorated about posting instead of whinging about my lack of enthusiasm about it every time I return.Though there will be another reason for my not posting for a while again, P has got two personal projects on the go, a website for our friend's beach house and some animation advertising for a neighbour which means he needs to devote some serious personal time to the computer.


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