Upside down

Last week was what I called my convergence week, it was the week within which my social and work life collided and I was so busy working and going out I sit here today in front of my computer and don't know whether I am Arthur or Martha I am soooo tired.

For one I was supposed to be in Noosa tonight after having spent the day at the beach with the kiddies. But where am I? I am at home by myself, while the kiddies and P left this morning to go to Noosa and rang me at work around 11.45am to tell me they arrived safe and sound and were heading for the beach.

Why didn't I go too? I had been planning to go up to Noosa and Caloundra for the last month and up till last Thursday afternoon I still was, till I was asked to consider "acting up" (and that's not misbehaving!) for the next two weeks - it was such a big leap - up 3 levels that I thought I may as well, because if I don't take the opportunity I may not get asked again and everything at work seems to be a moveable feast at the moment.

I ended up having to go out socially, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday each evening held a surprise of its own.

Wednesday night, an announcement by our hosts that they are having their second child. After that I got home I finished off some work till midnight.

Thursday night, checking out one of my best friend's new nose job and wondering whether there was botox and lipo had for good measure - she looked FANTASTIC, she has only admitted to the nose job, but what's that saying "in for a penny in for a pound!" I have to admit it was the other girls who suggested the "extra work" I said her having a 4 week holiday inclusive of time spent in Scotland, Barcelona and Rainbow Beach, might be making her feel and look even better! Also Great Vietnamese food that night at this great restaurant.

Friday night - one of the bosses shouted drinks to congratulate our reaching a MAJOR milestone, it was also as one of the women in my team said "a great day for shoes" all three female members of the team (me included) wore new shoes.

We all thought we looked pretty damn good, we went on to a girl's night out with some other women from work after the drinks. On the way to the girl's night out part of the evening (which we were late for by an hour) we three ladies left to catch a cab after the drinks. My good friend F who is also my boss, had a terrible accident in her beautiful shoes and fell smack bang in the middle of the road where the cabs pulled up - personally I blame the damn unicyclist who caught our attention.

I hate to say it but the fall was coming, because F said that she felt unstable in the killer shoes that morning while completely sober let alone after a few woines, and some fresh air. All I can say is that it was the biggest prat fall and even now I shake my head and wonder how she was not seriously injured (only a grazed knee and bruised elbow thank goodness).

We renamed her shoes shortly after the fall, the "Jumanji shoes" (they were Zebra skin - she wore all black with a camel poncho and carried a Louis Vuitton so all up it was a very very big but stylish fall) We still went out after the fall and were the last three to leave West End that evening out of about one dozen ladies - I think I was hungover for about 2 days and the 9.30am 2 year old birthday party on the farm was the last thing I needed.

I am falling into a dangerous new zone at the moment, probably not the best one as a mother, it involves lots of hard work in between the evenings out and going to work early i.e. 6.45am and constantly thinking and dreaming about work. It's almost no surprise that when we got a chance to let our hair down it was about playing hard too.

I may be losing my balance too for while as I am asked to consider taking on more responsible positions. First up though I am going to go easier on the Friday night drinks for a while so I can slip back into my safe routines again.


At 1:52 pm, Blogger OLS said...

My mum loves the phrases "acting up" and "sitting in XYZ's position" - she says it gives a certain mental picture of my workday that makes it sound like I'm a 3yo playing musical chairs.

And sometimes she's not far from the truth! ;o)


At 3:07 pm, Blogger anyresemblance said...

must get killer heels

At 8:22 pm, Blogger Lushlife said...

We have reviewed when killer shoes are able to be worn without fear of injury.

With deadly serious husband for deadly serious dinners at up-market restaurants with deadly serious (read boring) company and wherein there is only a short walk between home, the vehicle and the dining table and the dining table the vehicle and home.


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