Eddie.. part 3.

Elliot and Eddie yet again!

Eddie has returned from Switzerland and made a welcome return to our home last week. I think this is the third visit now the second one being before he left for Switzerland and we had to have Suzy Q twice instead, I don't think I posted about her she was a sweet little cow who went to the boys soccer match one day I have posted a photograph of her that is cropped from the other children as I don't like to post other people's children without their permission. She and Elliot were also photographed riding my sister's flatmates lovely red motorcycle - of course all the kids in Elliot's class thought that was so cool because the story Elliot wrote from Suzy Q's perspective (it is her diary after all) said that Elliot gave her a ride on the bike.

On Thursday night when Eddie returned we had to brainstorm about what cool thing Eddie did that night so they decided it would have to do with Elliot's new sport activity Taekwondo (he is doing it once a week on Wednesday nights) P stayed up that night after Elliot went to sleep working on the photograph on Photoshop and unfortunately went to print it and bumped the hard drive and lost all the work and had to re-do it. Not a good thing when your planning to be at work at 6am.

The next morning after P had gone, Elliot woke up and I showed him the photograph, he was not happy. When I asked him why he replied that he didn't like his face and he thought that children would laugh at him. At first I tried a guilt trip, how dare you be so ungrateful when your father stayed up late to do this photograph for you, it didn't work of course, he was still not happy. Then I decided to try another tack and said;

"I know you like to make people laugh when you speak, well this is another way you can get them to laugh. Also if you take yourself too seriously people won't be able to have a joke with you, it's much easier if you can laugh at yourself when others find something your doing funny too." This approach appealed to him and that's the way the photograph went into Eddie's diary.


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