Hair - by mummy

I attacked her hair on Saturday morning I think the bob really suits her rather than the longer hair - I was worried it was quite crooked and then the hair dried and settled into this neat look. She looks way more cherubic and more my baby with the shorter hair I so am hoping that time can slow down, but with our relentless schedules how the hell can it.

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night, a big effort again, though all food I had cooked within the last week so no major concerns. But boy was I hungover today I was completely shattered no headache thank goodness but the lethargy was chronic. It must have been the Kaprioska's I decided we should start with. We had a classic one (muddled, brown sugar, fresh limes and vodka) and then one made with passionfruit, lychees and pineapple juice - FANTASTIC! I am sure it reduced the amount of wine we would otherwise have drank.

At least it made me have a big sleep this afternoon ( after I took Elliot as promised to McDonalds I think I could count on one hand how many times I have bought him Maccas this year so I felt bad trying to weasel out of it once I acquiesced) and I woke up and took Gabriella on her new tricycle to the local park - I will have to post a picture of it next the perfect little girls trike - with parent handle so fantastic for a spin around the block too.


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