A long time between drinks

and posts for that matter. Time has flown since I last posted, due no doubt to those pesky school holidays and my acting in the other job.

The universe returned to its normal place with me back in my usual job and the kiddies back to their usual routine.......... and yet ......having not taken the week off that I had primed myself to have 2 and a half weeks ago, I feel as though I still deserve a break from the routine of having to get up and go to work. People through no fault of their own are just getting on my nerves much easier than usual and I find myself just switching off mid-sentence so as not to get too annoyed by what they are saying.

I am having this Thursday and Friday off, and yet it is not enough. I envy those people who say I have five weeks holiday coming up. The greatest time I have had off in the last nine years involved my birthing and caring for children - giving birth and waking up every 3 hours just doesn't cut it as time off relaxing in my books!

One day.

We finally had the entire family over for late lunch/early dinner (is it lunner?) on Sunday - it was well overdue. 10 adults and nine children and one more on the way. The announcement of the lastest addition to the clan being announced at the lunner.

The lunner went well, which has put me back in the mood to entertain again. I had taken such a break since my birthday I really wasn't looking forward to getting back into the entertaining mode. But it was smooth and we kept it simple, marinated chicken and lamb - which were later kebabed and barbecued, salads made by my mother-in-law. I made some fresh pita bread and tried strawberries in balsalmic with the best vanilla ice-cream for something different. I certainly recommend it - the strawberries were a taste sensation.

Our social calendar is filling up for October and then before you know it Christmas will be here, but not before my mother comes to visit which I am looking forward to. I remember posting how traumatic it was last Christmas, but I have decided I am going to be better and pretend I am like a well oiled seal and I will swim through the troubled waters with ease. I just won't give into stress and have a talk with my sister too, so she doesn't set off any fireworks either. Just enjoy.

Have I mentioned how addicted to eBay we have been in the last 2 months - we have been eBaying legends. I bought two handbags and one Ralph Lauren navy polo for the father-in-law, more wine and a massage table for my sister's birthday. I have to admit some self-interest in the last purchase, my sister gives fabulous massages and beauty therapist ( so more pedicures for me this summer!) Though it is really for her to make some extra money and have a choice about whether to work full-time.

My only negative experience with my latest eBay ventures involved the Kukui nut necklace that I tried to purchase from a lady in Hawaii, it seems that Border Control decided to pick me as the example, and as I write my Kukui nut necklace (as worn by Sarah Jessica, and Jessica S) is being held hostage by Border Control for $46. My options are, as presented by Border Control 1. pay them $46 have my nuts irradiated and in the process possibly damaged or 2. they can use my $46 to return the nuts to the seller, or 3. I can do nothing and write off the $20 I paid the seller in Hawaii for them. I chose the third option of course and have written that one off to experience, even though given the seller's feedback I appear to be the only one to have had this experience.

Oh well I live to live and learn.

And yet another lesson this week, involved my visiting the Dentist for the first time in 6 years and the 2nd time in 15 years. So I was kind of expecting the full x-rays and the soon to be prepared referral to the periodontist. Which is why I reduced my hospital cover (no more having babies so no more full cover!) and upped my extras cover for "Project - get my teeth in order) It is just ridiculous how I prioritise my time so that I put off a visit to the dentist that cost me all of $20 due to health cover I have ostensibly had for the last 7 years all because I ensure that the children and work are all okay first. Well not anymore, my teeth are going to be put first for a change.

I hope it only takes three visits to the periodontist like my sister's - fingers crossed.


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