Smile for the camera: my fairy has had a change of heart. The other day, Gabriella requested that we put her fairy dress on her and then she wandered around zapping everyone she could lay her wand on, the dog included. I asked her to pose for the photograph above, and I adore her effort.

Speaking of effort, she is currently charming all and sundry with her impeccable manners, whenever she is given something it is an automatic "sankyou" though to me, it's "sankyou Mummy" in fact so much so that when she responds to P it more often than not comes out "sankyou Mummy,Daddy or sankyou dammy". Of course she has us beaming with pride at our barely two year old automatically using her manners that I really don't care it she does combine our titles.


At 1:07 am, Anonymous azuradec said...

love this picture! so cute!!!


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