to find out if I am going to be offered my job. If your in the Service you will know what I mean. Yesterday I had an interview for my job. My job is the management role I have been working in since May this year, although it's not technically my job. I have been acting in it. The person who owned the job vacated it and went to another agency a sideways move. Lots of change management going on where I work.

So I fell into this position not long after the project I have been working on for the last 2 years started winding down. First I went to the top floor where our most senior execs are, I was one of the more junior officers but a promotion nevertheless from my project job. Then when this new job became vacant, I was asked to fill it. Then when it was advertised, I applied for it and based on my written application I was interviewed yesterday and now I wait to see if they will offer it to me.

I haven't done a formal interview since 1999! I have interviewed people but have not had to subject myself to this process for some time, I have been making sideways moves through the service basically on 2 page resumes asked for by people who know my work and essentially I have been able to work somewhere else other than in my permanent position.

This will be, if I am offered the job, my first upwards move since 1999, and it will be up two levels. I have some worthy adversaries, one person has also acted in the job and the other person is well-regarded by our management - I respect both of them I think they would be excellent so it won't be too hard if I lose to them. I am pragmatic if nothing else about jobs, it will only be the seond time in 10 years that I have applied for a new job, the first time I was confident they wanted me, this time, I think they would like to give it to me, it will all depend on me of course - the quality of my interview compared to my adversaries!

The interview
I spent most of last week procrastinating about preparing for the interview. I ended up looking at some things, Strategic Plan, some theory on making policy, my agencies other agencies policy positions, but didn't dedicate any real time to it. In retrospect I know why I procrastinated, because on the day of the interview I finally sat down and devoted a few hours to the task and while I did that, I realised how many gaps there were in my memory, what is the agencies vision? purpose? motto? the major themes of the strategic plan? what are our major challenges and projects? what is the history to some particular policies and what is our position now and so on and so on ... till I had a true crisis of confidence and thought I just don't know enough, how the hell can I do this job!

Just before I left home to go to the interview, I rang P and fessed up about how I know nothing, he calmed me down with this "You've been doing the job haven't you?" to which I replied "Yes, I am doing the job"

I also got a great vote of confidence from one of our senior executives leaving the building the night before the interview, she said "I hope you get the job, I think your good" so I began to focus on some positives thoughts before I went to the interview.

I still think I could have done better in the interview, and after Ell woke me up around 1.30am this mornig due to his having a sore throat I then spent about 3 hours reliving the interview, recalling every stupid thing I said and every good thing I should have said...

If I find out by the end of the week I will post again.

I have always felt this was my year for great change.. have to wait and see.


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