Alcohol and what it means.

Its been fun the last couple of nights playing the vinyl.

Friday night.
P bought a record player and we dusted off the records. Memories of when we first met in the late 80s B.C (Before Compact discs). We had the advantage of his parents 60s & 70s collection (Mama and the Papas and the complete Beatles) and he and his brother and sisters' 80's collection. What brings back the best memories: late nights, playing vinyl, lots of wine, sometimes an occasional smoke and Rodriguez, Edie Brickell, Don McLean, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd and the Hunters and Collectors.

We had a cocktail party at our place last night to farewell some of P's colleagues- it went pretty well. I paced myself and retired with the baby around 10.30pm, it didn't help that I was up at 5.00am that morning tracking down some flowers for the house.

A good time was had by all - at least thats what it sounded like. It helps that we have a four player fooz ball table and everyone had a turn at spinning the vinyl too and there were cocktails galore, pineapple daiquiris, strawberries ones too, golden dreams, Japanese slippers, cosmopolitan's, pina coladas, and black russians, etc.

I rose again at 2.30am and found P sipping a baileys on ice on our deck after a huge clean up. What a sweetheart he knows I never leave cleaning up till the next morning. Considering it was just over 20 people drinking it was a lot of glassware and reorganising of the dining room to get rid of the bar.

Next time I up it was off to the farmer's markets, more herbs to plant, free range eggs, ciabatta, organic brownies and vienese biscuits for morning tea. The high point was the return of the smoked trout sellers, the low point, my favourite yoghurt seller wasn't there.

P & I spent the rest of the day putting our house back in order and doing our domestic duties together . I decided on mussels in tomato and white wine sauce for dinner and some prawns in the same sauce for P. We decided to indulge in some cocktails again - without the pressure of guests. From 5pm a strawberry and melon daiquiri, a Golden dream, a cosmopolitan, and then we opened a bottle of champagne for dinner. At which point after 1 and a half glasses I said sorry that is it for me and was about to go to sleep when I found myself here!

I am starting to get a second wind which I would prefer rather than passing out at 8.30pm. I rarely rarely lose control on alcohol. I like to have a drink on occasion and sometimes to the extent that I would probably be over the limit but never so that I can't handle my responsibilities with the children.

I am sure there are some people who would say is she a Lush! I assure you I don't think I am. Over the years I have discussed and given thought to drinking and the concept of alcoholism and in particular whether I was one. A lot of thought has been given particularly because my father was a shocking alcoholic.

In my view I believe that I would have a problem with alcohol if I:
a) drank more than 3 or more standard drinks per day;
b) missed work because of alcohol related activity;
c) drank so I could go to work;
d) drank because I am unhappy;
e) noticed it when I didn't have a drink
f) alcohol is the last thought when I go to sleep;
g) the first thought the next morning and
h) on most occasions drank alone.

I like a social drink and I can go to a social event without the need to have a drink (I gave it up for the gestation of two children even!). So I am quite sure I am not in a battle with alcohol. It is not to suggest that I drink 3 drinks or less per day - I happen to think it is acceptable to have at least one drink per day and even two if one drink was consumed on arrival at home and say the next some time later over dinner. Personally given my tastes I can't afford to indulge in alcohol any more than I do now.

I like good wine and my one of my favourite sayings is"

"Life is too short for cheap wine"


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