Going out.

I actually went to a club last night. I cannot remember the last time I have been to a club. I went to support my sister in the Fretfest competition. I was pleasantly surprised by everything except the amount of second hand smoke in the club.

It was a very stimulating evening, I got to watch 10 acoustic vocalist in the 25plus age group perform original material at very high standard. I was amazed by some of the material though for various reasons. I recall saying last week that my sister's friends who supported her in the last round of the competition thought that the other competitors were quite depressing - so much of the material was so full on angst, I have to concur.

Some of the depressing song topics that I can recall - 9/11, death, genetic engineering, being overweight, domestic violence to name but a few. One fellow slowed the mood down so much I closed my eyes. I thought it was because of my previous two days, but after that singer the tempo picked up and so did I.

My sister did not win but she was clearly well received by the audience and I was very proud of her she has a fantastic voice. For Gabriella's naming day I had her sing "In the arms of an angel" by Sarah Maclaughlin - she made Gabriella's aunty cry. It is a hauntingly beautiful song and she certainly did it justice.

I felt quite peculiar being out on a Sunday night in a smoke filled club listening to live music instead of being home with P and the kids enjoying some youngsters doing their "Young Talent Time" best on Australian Idol.

I chatted to some people at the club about what was on and where to go - except I felt like such a fraud and had to admit that being out tonight was just out of my character as the only going out that I tend to do involves dining out with the same people I have for many years or just the family at the local curry place - I think I sound pathetic. But I really don't want to go to clubs every week and having a 12month old baby a six year old son and a full-time job in a responsible position puts me in a totally different reality to many of the people that were in that club last night. I enjoyed last night and may do it again just not every week, maybe not even every month just every now and then will suit me fine.


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