Congratulations Suga lu

After the winner was announced on Sunday night for the Fretfest competition the organisers than presented a certificate to each performer and got them to say something. My sister was given her certificate within the first three. We spoke about it after and considered whether it was given in order and that perhaps she had come third but given it was done rather ambiguously we decided there had been no intent in the way the certificates had been presented.

Well today I confirmed via the website that she had in fact come 2nd!I rang and told her straight away we were both thrilled that she rated so highly amongst such a talented field. Well she is talented! Given that there were no more than 10 supporters we knew would vote for her she must have solicited quite a bit of support from the crowd. This is such an
achievement given she has only been living in Brisbane for 10 weeks and
never performed here and many of the performers did have a considerable amount of local support with them.

Finding out now what the result actually was, is just as good a feeling as winning might have been!


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