A love letter.

In retrospect it certainly seemed like a good idea. This morning while checking the lunch that P had made for Elliot I decided to write a love letter to Elliot and wrap his biscuit in it. The note said "I love you very much Elliot from Mummy with a :)ly face.

I hoped he would get a good feeling when he opened his lunch and found the note. Plus it is all part of my positive reinforcements I am trying to go over the top with lately. And it would help with his reading skills.

After I picked him up this afternoon from his Grandmother's we went to pick up his father. While waiting for P, Elliot asked me about the note. I pretended not to remember because I wanted to see if he had read it.

He found the note in his school bag and I asked him what it said so that I could test whether he actually could understand the writing. He read it back to me. Then he started to cry because he said that his friends had teased him about the note. I felt awful and said I wouldn't do it again.

Then I began the interrogation:
"Which friends were teasing you?" and
"What were they saying?"

Elliot gave me vague replies which is not unusual for him when it comes to queries about school and friends, my query "What did you do today?"
usually elicits from him the elaborative "Stuff."

By this time P had turned up and I explained the situation. We talked about it further and questioned Elliot some more, eventually he admitted that he had not been teased at all and had hidden the note from his friends for fear of being teased.

We both thought he was over reacting. Though I can acknowledge there is potential for being teased as being a "Mummy's boy" but hey he is only nearly 6 can't he be my boy for a bit longer yet?

Elliot and I talked about it again tonight and he apologised and I said that next time I write a note for him it will be a joke that he could tell his friends.


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