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Something that anyresemblance said about admiring the Christmas decorations in DJ's in her most recent post prompted me to write this one. I am a Christmas decoration manic.

It began when we spent a Christmas in Europe and then Toronto in 1993. The most beautiful decorations were collected by my brother-in-law's parents in Toronto and I loved how there was so much history in their collection. Many of the decorations were bought while on their travels. So from then whenever I traveled near Christmas I bought something for our family tree.

Now there is less o/s travel in my life so I have to rely on the goodwill of friends and family bringing me back something for my tree. I think it is perfect little something to bring back because a Christmas decoration is hardly going to put you over on the luggage weight restrictions. My sister- in- law brought us back the most beautiful blue cracked glass ball from Paris and I have many from London and Toronto - but I need more!

Once Elliot came along I started to collect one or more for him every year and we always discuss which are his when we decorate the tree together. When he is ready to have his own Christmas tree I will give him the decorations I have collected for him over the years. Last year I began Gabriella's collection as well. And a new collection of Christmas snowballs for both of them. So kitschy I know but I can't resist. I also try to get some little Christmas ornaments to place around the house to provide some festive touches - my taste runs to the more unusual ones though within a budget.

So far I have bought these two snow balls for the children plus two other decorations which I am going to post a picture of next -there was a sale and I couldn't resist. I often buy my godchildren a Christmas decoration to put on the ribbon around their Christmas gifts I think everyone should have special ones.

After I post the next pictures I will wait till my tree is up and then post a picture of that once and for all.


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