Morning tea.

Well it is virtually over. Saturday that is. We held a small morning tea in honour of Gabriella's 1st birthday. I have to admit that I am really really slack when it comes to theme birthdays I just cannot go the extra mile that it takes to include, Elmo, or Toy Story or Fairies etc.

I can only manage some decent food and that's it. There was only one lollipop hunt, no pass the parcel or other party favourite. Even her cake - wasn't typical children's' fare I went to a great bakery and ordered the Tiramisu Torte - she loved it! The rest of the kids had some beautifully decorated cup cakes by my glamorous friend V (she still manages to be stunning even with braces on her teeth!) and a huge bowl of my favourite Allen's lollies and home-made pizza.

I served the adults some cabbage pastizzis (a la Kath &Kim), no I did some different flavours but I couldn't resist offering mine around as Kath's version. I made a grilled pumpkin, oregano and blue cheese tart, and a grilled zucchini, thyme and feta tart. I made lots of club sandwiches too - ham and avocado, red salmon, pesto, chicken, and egg - fairly standard fresh and appetising.

I am exhausted having held the morning tea at 10.00am I was up till midnight last night and then at the crack of dawn again today. I will post a few pictures that will tell the story a little better.

Gabriella got some beautiful girly presents. P and I have not indulged her with any new toys so it was quite lovely to get some girlie stuff just for her. The Barbie lounge which she knows is hers, not one but two baby dolls, a fantastic castle and little people to play with from the glamorous V and kiddies. A beautiful butterfly and some gorgeous books and lovely clothes.


At 6:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

blogger comments, aagh, i'm going to have to register! Love the cup cakes - I'm assuming those are marshmallows cut in half? an idea, I'm about to steal shamelessly for the school fete and upcoming birthday parties. Love the surfeit of pink, too. Quite right, a girl can not have too much pink.

At 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even I post anonymously on my own blog. You make the flowers by cutting a marshmallow in half lengthways and pinching the ends. They really do look spectacular and irresistable.



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