Hot Saturday afternoon activity. Posted by Hello

Last Saturday was a scorcher. I was at the Farmer's markets as usual by 5.30am and a few people at that stage spoke of the heat that was to come. By midday as predicted it was 36 degrees and very humid.

P had been out all morning buying plants for the landscaping and by the time he started to work in the garden the heat was at its greatest. Unfortunately P's Dad who loves to garden and help, looked like he was suffering from heat stroke and P had to insist that he sit out and then for him to return home and rest. Luckily he recovered after a few hours at home.

By late afternoon Elliot and his cousin Mason decided to get out the slip and slide and put it through its paces. They had such a good time and I managed to take quite a few action shots of them enjoying themselves.

Watching them brought back memories of our makeshift slip and slides and how the next morning you woke up and felt that every muscle in your body was aching. I can recall quite vividly my ribs would be particularly sore from landing on them as well.

While we don't have a pool yet we can still find a way for the kids to enjoy some water when it gets steamy.


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