Nanny - Not a day over perfect.
Posted by Hello I am incredibly privileged to have met and to know this incredibly beautiful woman. I aspire to her gentle soul and open and loving heart. She has the most amazing ability to make each person in her family feel like he/she is the most special person in her life and you feel an unique bond that nobody else in the family has with her - or so you think.

It was mentioned in a speech last night that each of us think we have a special place in Nanny's heart even ring-ins like me who is lucky enough through P to become a part of one of the warmest and loving family I am ever likely to meet. Whenever Nanny speaks with you she focuses all her attention on you and holds your hand and pats your hand while you talk- it so comforting - she is the Royalty of our lives.

It was a huge effort to organise this party but as I told Nanny I would do anything for her. I especially loved shopping for the Happy 90th Birthday card. I want to write more about a few details of the event the enormity of the family that has become because of Nanny (and Poppy but he is no longer here unfortunately) but that can wait till tomorrow night I am extraordinarily tired I got to sleep at 3am last night and was awake at 7am this morning for the baby and the big clean up in that order.


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