Some things about Gabriella and me.

10 Things I am looking forward to, when Gabriella is a few years older.

1. P and I taking Elliot and Gabriella to our local curry place on a Friday night
2. Going to the movies with P more often.
3. Having a nap and not having to worry every second where she is and what she is up to.
4. When she learns to kiss with her lips pursed.
5. Letting her play in the bath without fear.
6. All of us sleeping through the night and sleeping in past 6.00am on the weekend.
7. Being able to leave the windows open above the sofa without fear of her falling out of them.
8. Her talking to me about what she likes and does not like.
9. Her not wanting to be picked up when I have to do something like cook or feed the pets
10. No nappies!

10 Things I will miss when she is older
1. That she won’t give me a complementary comforting pat on the back when I have rescued her from the cot after her nap.
2. Her wet and yucky open mouth kisses lavished on us with abandon.
3. How she can lie on me and fit completely my body.
4. Her baby girlish giggling when she is really chuffed about something.
5. Tickling her rolls of chubby thigh.
6. Watching and listening to her speak baby Chinese sounds to the dog.
7. Not being able to pick her up and point out new things like the birds, trees, sky and the plane.
8. Singing twinkle, twinkle little star to her as she holds her hands about her head and twinkles her fingers.
9. Cuddling and playing on my bed before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up.
10. Being the most comforting person in her life.


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