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stage, v. SECOND EDITION 1989
(sted) [f. STAGE n.]
1. trans. To erect, build. Obs. rare1.

Its really not worth printing the myriad of alternative definitions we should all know how to use the word "stage" in the correct context.


At 6:17 pm, Blogger two rabbits said...

hi there. this is off-topic because i have nothing to say about the word stage, but i did want to request your promised post about your gingerbread cookies from the comments at loobylu, and couldn't find a way to email you, so here i am. :) my neighbors asked if i would make gingerbread cookies with them on friday because they think i know how to bake and so they are expecting great things and unfortunately i have never made gingerbread anything and would love to see your comments, recipe, icing tips, etc. if you care to share!


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