Saturday evening dinner.

No I am not going to gripe. I really don't like to complain I really enjoyed my last 24 hours out, the company was great but service was decidedly odd . We discussed our experiences after the afternoon tea and decided that maybe people are behaving oddly because it is Christmas and everyone is stressed.

I have one more dining experience to go, Timmy's in Southbank for brunch at 10am with the kids - fingers crossed. I wonder how long we will get to actually sit at the table with Gabriella, naturally we were all invited by friends who don't have children - they will learn one day. I have already been to Timmy's, she makes fabulous coconut crumpets with lemon curd.

Just a quick post about a smoked trout pasta dish I made this evening. I am trying as hard as I can to increase my intake of Omega 3's. So far I have managed 3 fish lunches (2 tuna and 1 salmon) and 2 fish dinners (1 mackeral and 1 smoked trout)!

Tonight I prepared smoked trout and fresh fettucine. A very simple dish with a dressing and smoked trout and fresh baby English spinach.

The whole smoked trout is flaked. A dressing is whisked - half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, one quarter cup of orange juice and one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard and 1 teaspoon of sugar and sea salt and cracked pepper.

The flaked trout is tossed in half the dressing with some Italian parsley. The pasta is cooked al dente and then drained and tossed in the rest of the dressing. The pasta is then put on a plate topped with baby English spinach and then the trout mixture. That's it. A lovely fish pasta.

I decided not to hyperlink Mecca Bah because I don't recommend them. High Societea does not have a website.

I am thinking seriously of doing a food blog next year maybe as a New Year resolution. I love what Coffee and Kisses and the Red Kitchen do and enjoy commenting on theirs - so I just have to wonder if another one is really adding anything and in fact whether I actually have the time. I guess though I do not have to post as regularly on a food blog as I do on journal type blog.

Report on Timmy's
We had an excellent brunch, even though Southbank was very busy with a cycling event. Gabriella even allowed us to eat our entire breakfast leisurely. P and my friend C had a chicken omelette and rice, my friend J and I had a sweet corn and potato roesti with goats curd, wild rocket and lemon oil. P and I decided to order a brunch we wouldn't make at home so no scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato.

I tried my hardest to convince Elliot to have the coconut crumpets and lemon curd but he insisted on fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey. I decided while eating my roesti to order the crumpets - alas it was too late and they had run out. J and C had ordered their crumpets with their savoury, if only I had insisted Elliot have them! Ahhhh next time.


At 5:29 pm, Blogger Jellyfish said...

"naturally we were all invited by friends who don't have children - they will learn one day."

Mwah-hah! My sympathies!

And thanks as ever for lovely comment on my blog :)


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