My baby is growing up way too fast. Posted by Hello

This is a multi-cultural family picture - Elliot and Gabriella are part Malaysian, their cousin Louis is half Japanese and their cousin Theo's father is Canadian. (Sorry Elliot for the non-flattering picture but hey 99% of them are great!)

On Sunday afternoon we went to P's sister's place and had dinner with them for one final time this year before they go to Toronto for Christmas. I couldn't believe how independant Gabriella has become - she was hardly with me or P all afternoon she spent the whole time walking around doing her own thing and even sat with the big boys when it came time for dinner. She is so grown up? independant?

All I know is that she is clearly not dependant on me to make her feel secure or to entertain her when we are out, she makes her own way in the world. Its quite bizzare I am sure Elliot never walked more than 3 steps away from my skirts at 13 months of age.


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