Christmas Cheer?

Why is it I get to this time of the year and I feel anything but festive. Maybe because as much as I love Christmas I also think it is too much damn hard work. Buying presents, food and alcohol, the parties, the people and the work. There are office christmas parties, team drinks, team lunches, drinks with ex-teams, lunch catchups with previous work colleagues, drinks with neighbours, family and friends. And I don't feel like doing most of it - not one bit.

My mother wouldn't let us Secret Santa our way out of things this year again - I have to find time to buy dozens of presents instead of one. Why Why Why!When your retired its easy to make you way to the shop for a spot of christmas shopping not me I will be battling the crowds during the frenzied last hours before the big day.

I don't even like the thought of committing to the office work party which is one month off. Is it because of the baby? Going out means organising her and Elliot of course. Finding minders is just one more thing to do - if not that then P stays home. While I tend to believe that partners do not have to attend the other partner's office party, sometimes I would like him to come so I don't actually have to put myself out and socialise. I prefer not to go to P's work party - I feel like I am keeping him from enjoying himself. For his Christmas work parties in the past I have turned up for a drink and left him to his own devices, though with the children this year even that is unlikely to happen.

In my defence I think I am better at spontaneous social occassions. I tend to find with the work ones there is too much anticipation that everyone is really going to enjoy themselves. In the end it is just another night on the town when you get to the point when you want to go home you have to stand in taxi queue with 100's of drunken revellers and wait another two hours before you do get home. Maybe I should drive instead - though I know I would enjoy some of the people at work better if I drink. Nothing worse than if everyone else is drinking and I am observing from a sober perspective.

So I have to make a decision about the work Christmas party by the end of the week. At this stage Gabriella is my best excuse for opting out and everyone doesn't have to know the truth - I don't want to ruin everyone else's fun just because I don't feel like it. I know if people were to think that I don't want to socialise with them I am sure to be treated like some kind of social pariah.

Hmmmm lucky there are only 3 weekends before Christmas.

P.S I decided to go to the office Christmas party - if nothing else I would like to find out who it is who will do the most inappropriate thing on the night.


At 10:00 am, Blogger OLS said...

The only office Christmas party I've ever enjoyed was the one in Dublin - it was the day after my last day at that firm and I didn't really care if I burnt some bridges. So I dressed for fun, flashed my tattoo, drank far too much, flirted with the partners and generally WAS the person doing the most inappropriate things on the night. Since I have a generally quiet personality, but love to shock, it was the most fun I've had in a long time. ;o)

For me, work functions are like high school - you're flung in with a bunch of people that you frequently have nothing in common with and then expected to make conversation and somehow become friendly with them. Historically, I've only liked maybe 1 in 20 of my colleagues and they're usually secretaries or paralegals, not solicitors. I think it just comes down to the fact that I work well with other lawyers, but I don't play well with them. *shrugs*

And on that negative note, I'll wish you the best for your work Christmas party and hope you have a ball.

Thank god ours is a lunch so I only have to pretend to like the people I work with for an hour or so. ;o)



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