Resuming routine

I did something incredibly difficult today. I resumed work. It was particularly difficult in light of the fact that P does not return to work till next week and my mother is still at my home as well. So while I was getting done all the usual things that must be done prior to leaving the house this morning, everyone else was leisurely breaking their fasts and planning their recreational pursuits for the day. Only Gabriella seemed to be truly affected by my having to return to work. As soon as I had my work wardrobe on she clung to me so tightly as though by attaching herself to me, she could prevent my eventual departure. Unfortunately that didn't work.

Once at work my teammates and I struggled to devote ourselves to all the tasks that my manager had left us to diligently complete. I managed to elude the "let's go for a coffee at 11am" as there was much too much work to catch up on and I begged off on the basis that I had managed to fit in a coffee before I left home for a change.

While I set myself goals today and was initially determined to complete them, I would inevitably be interrupted because if I did not ask yet another holiday-related question then I was asked another question by another team member.

By the end of the day despite my best intentions, I managed to re-familiarise myself with all the issues that were before me at the end of last year and was able to put them in perspective so that I could continue with my analysis of the problems.

We did however decide by 4.30pm that we needed a drink. Much of our conversations had revolved around our holiday drinking habits and by this time we decided we needed to ease our way back into the rest of our working week and a drink would soften the blow of our first day back in nearly 2 weeks for some and 4 weeks for another.

It really was only 2 drinks and then straight home. We have already decided no drink tomorrow though maybe we will venture out on Thursday afternoon after work.

I think this entry would actually translate on "The Dullest Blog in the World" to this:

"Went to work then I came home. Then I wrote about going to work and coming home."


At 6:46 am, Blogger anyresemblance said...

But that's what work is like too often, isn't it? I don't go back till Monday but I have been thinking how pointless my work seems and wondering how it can take up so much time. Sigh. I'm glad to read about a fellow slave to the machine.


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