Friend J launching a bowl last Sunday.

Late Sunday afternoon we went and played lawn bowls with some friends of ours. I don't know what it is like in other Australian major cities, but in Brisbane there has been quite a bit of interest in bowls again by many of the younger families here.

It seems that many of the bowls clubs have had to reconsider their appeal given that the current clientele are aging so "Barefoot Bowls" has become a bit of trend and aimed at attracting younger families to become social members. In fact last year I can't think of one work place that didn't have a least one afternoon of "Barefoot Bowls" as a team session. One of the more popular clubs is Merthyr Bowls Club at New Farm and is very picturesque as it is positioned along the river. The club we attended last Sunday has views of the city and the quaintest ladies rest room I have ever seen. The rest room is decked out like a 1950's parlour complete with picture of HRH The Queen.

Its always a pleasant afternoon, and the children ran themselves ragged playing on that part of the green we were not. It was still so hot at 5.30pm that we needed to remind the children to wear their hats constantly and we enjoyed a few ends and shared some ice cold beers. After the bowls we retreated back to our place for a simple barbecue, eye fillet, roasted rosemary kipfler potatoes and Caesar salad - simple but tasty and the least amount of preparation I could think of.

Can't wait till it the weather becomes more temperate I can see us inviting some more couples and indulging in a few more weekends like this one.


At 8:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic. We went to a 40th recently which was a bowls BBQ. Lots of babies and beer with views of the sea. It was fantastic. The thing I found quite funny was that novice women seemed to be quite good at bowls straight up, but the men tended to bowl too hard. It was the first time I have ever been the anchor for my team in a sporting contest!

XX Elissa

At 9:04 am, Blogger Lushlife said...

Your right Elissa - it is a game where its about skills and not strength so men and women can be equally competitive. We did boys versus girls and we didn't have a practice bowl due to the fact it was so late and the boys scored 5 points on the first end. Although we girls did fight back and we decided by 6.15pm to make it come down to the last end - which the girls won! Kind of generous of the boys. Any game which invovles a drink and the outdoors is the best kind in my books.


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