How sick was I?

I was so sick yesterday I wasn't vertical for more than an aggregate of two hours. I was so sick I couldn't even sit in front of my computer to browse even though I was home and I didn't do one single scrap of housework, nor have to care for my children for the last 24 hours.

I am rarely this sick. A sore throat here or there, a bad cough, nothing that some over the counter medication can't fix and I always soldier on, to work, with the kids, the house, you name it. So it came as such a surprise to actually be this sick.

What I thought Monday morning was the need for caffeine took a turn for the worse after I had my first coffee. There were aches in my shoulders and lower back and what had began that morning as a tiny pain in the throat turned into swollen glands and shooting pains radiating from my glands to the back of my head.

I managed to stay at work till 4pm but all I really wanted to do was curl up under my desk and sleep. When I finally got home it was a shower and straight to bed then a night of chills and sweats and panadol every four three hours.

Today I feel like I will be vertical for most of the day and I am here at the computer again. My fever has gone along with most of my aches, my throat however is as sore as ever. Back to panadol every four hours for the throat, I think I will be fully myself again tomorrow.


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