One week snap shot.

Monday - public holiday

Tuesday, Wednesday - Work, Work.

Thursday - I stayed home due to school holidays and decided it would be Elliot's day. So no Gabriella and Elliot and I went to play ten pin bowls. Then I took him to see Robots.

Friday. Shopping with both Elliot and Gabriella. 5 long hours of it at a huge shopping centre in by 11am out by 4pm.

Best line of the day "Just keep shopping, just keep shopping", over and over when my son showed signs of slowing down. My son was a saint my daughter a child possessed whenever released from the pram. I don't believe in child restraints just vigilance however she comes this close to my almost changing my mind. But we did it, new school socks, winter pyjamas, 3 birthday presents, 2 pairs of winter shoes for Gabriella and socks for her and it was finally over, "just keep shopping, just keep shopping........" Oh P and I treated ourselves to a Bill Granger cook book.

We were all well and truly shattered by the time we got home.

Saturday: a very heinous but much needed opportunity to sort out some of my clothes from the last century and get rid of a lot of them. Clothes and general goods sitting under my bed in stripey bags for the last year have now finally been sorted out. Though we still have more to unpack in various boxes in cupboards around the house. It was Elliot's new king single bed which precipitated my having to finally sort this stuff out. P decided to put the old single mattress under our bed.

I have found that whenever I have 4 days home in a row I actually get to organise a cupboard now and then.

Sunday: 5 hours of baking with some friends who wanted to practice baking a croquembouche for her sister-in-law to be's wedding in May. Great profiteroles and melted chocolate but our toffee was a disaster. We lost two pots to crystallisation. After I destroyed the first pot I decided to bow out I would have preferred to track down more recipes. Still what was accomplished tasted very good. No pictures may update tomorrow if they email me some through tomorrow.

Monday - The start of No wheat, No dairy, No red meat - just for a little while - 6 weeks maybe??


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