My stripey legged girl. I had a hankering to see her in striped stockings so I bought some from the new David Jones at QueensPlaza on Thursday.

One of the things I am most proud that my girl has worked out already, as I declared to my husband today, is that she already knows how to accessorise correctly.

For example, I chose the above outfit and she disappeared into her room and returned wearing the hat.

No fluke, because again today, I chose a beige dress, dark pink stockings with multi-coloured spots and a dark pink long sleeved top under the dress. Gabriella disappeared into her bedroom, (I had asked her to get her shoes being the original reason) and she returned wearing her dark pink hat! (sorry no photographic evidence but take my word for it I am one happy fashion maven and come to think of it she has done it once before and picking for herself the right floral hat for a particular floral outfit!)


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